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Activate Avatar Divi License

Before Activating

Before activating Avatar Divi on your website, make sure you already have a copy of your License Key. If you do not have one and you already purchased the plugin, you can get a copy of your License Key from the License Manage section under My Account on the Avatar Plugins website.

Additionally, an email with a copy of your License Key was sent to your inbox the moment you purchased and completed the checkout process on Avatar Plugins.

Activate the Plugin

To activate Avatar Divi on your site. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Avatar Divi > License.

Additionally, once the plugin is installed you will see an informational message at the top asking you to please activate your copy of Avatar Divi.

Navigate to Avatar Divi License

Next, enter your License Key on license filed and click on the Activate button.

Activate Avatar Divi License

Congratulations! Avatar Divi plugin is licensed and now you can enjoy the automatic updates feature .

Deactivate License

You can either log in to Your Account > License Manager and deactivate from there or simply just login to your WordPress website and from the admin menu, navigate to Avatar Divi > License and click the Deactivate button.

Check License Key Expiry

Login to Your Account > License Manager and from there you will able to see your license expiration date.

Additionally, the License expiration date will be displayed inside your WordPress Admin Dashboard under Avatar Divi -> License once the plugin has been registered.

Renew License Key

Login to Your Account -> License Manager and from there you will able to see a renew button.

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